How does the Veg Account work?

First you earn:

  • For every hour of work on site, or in support roles such as admin, your Veg Account is credited
  • You can also top up your Veg Account with money
  • You get an initial credit of £3 when you join FlintShare

Crop your veg:

  • Crop your veg from any site or collect from the Saturday hub
  • The hubs are held at one of the sites. Details are sent in the newsletter.
  • Weigh your veg
  • You will receive an email when you join, telling you where to send this information
  • At the end of every month you email in your hours worked and veg weights

Your Veg Account is then calculated:

  • Your Veg Account is then credited with any hours you have worked and reduced by the value of the veg you have taken
  • This is emailed to you at the end of every month

Please note that your Veg Account balance has NO CASH VALUE. It is only redeemable against FlintShare veg.