Membership information

Joining is easy – £25 single annual membership or £36 for two people. Anyone over 16 can be a full member of FlintShare.
Additional members of a household can join at reduced rates. Concessions are also available. Please contact the membership secretary for details.

Waiting for an allotment?

If you are waiting for an allotment, why not join us and learn how to grow vegetables using organic principles?

Membership benefits:

  • Great veg from any FlintShare site
  • A vote per member
  • A credit of equivalent to £3 in a Veg Account which gives you access to the communally grown food from all three sites. This Veg Account can then be added to with either cash of labour.
  • You can come to any site, all events, workshops and meetings.
  • You get a regular newsletter saying what’s cropping where, site day dates and general news and events
  • You can be involved as much as you wish. Lots of our members take an active role in the gardens, others choose to help with admin, PR, events, etc. We’re very good at developing skills people don’t know they have!

Children are always welcome at the sites and events, however, for safety reasons they must be supervised by a parent of caregiver at all times.

Concessions are available at the discretion of the core group, please contact the membership secretary.

Membership type

Please choose the type of membership you require: