In Praise of FlintShare

About 15 years ago, soon after I moved to Flintshire, I was on the hunt for locally grown veg.  I was amazed that it was so hard to find.  There was almost none; a company growing leeks commercially was the best I could do.  So, I satisfied myself with buying their leeks in supermarkets and had some unsuccessful attempts at growing my own.

Then miraculously I met Nikki Giles at the Cilcain show advertising her idea for a CSA.  My interest was not in growing, but an organisation dedicated to providing locally produced veg was right up my street.  I was in!!

Over the years FlintShare has provided my family with amazing veg and fruit.  I also learnt to grow – which was an unexpected bonus.  My daughter developed an interest in growing veg, which is now being passed onto her children.

I remember a meal I produced in the early days.  It was a Sunday veggi roast.  All the veg on the plate was FlintShare grown, apart from the parsnips.  My daughter, who was a good eater, ate everything on the plate except for the parsnips.  ‘What’s wrong with the parsnips’ I said.  ‘Dunno, they just don’t taste good’, was the young teenager’s response.   Pretty conclusive evidence in my book that FlintShares veg was a cut above supermarket bought veg.

This year I have moved to Stafford and amazingly I am struggling to find locally produced veg again.  I have found one supplier who provides organic veg boxes sourced from Manchester growers.  The local grocers buys veg in from all over and not much is organic.  I am really saddened that 15 years later the problem is just the same.  I have been so spoilt with FlintShare on my doorstep and I am really missing access to good quality tasty veg.  Supermarket organic veg really does not taste the same and is usually plastic wrapped. 

I have retained my FlintShare membership so that I can come and get veg ever so often.  Last weekend I made it back from N Wales with a large bag full of tasty veg.  This week’s cooking and meals have been a treat.  The freezer is defrosted and cleared out in preparation for my next visit. 

Roll on FlintShare – you are very special.

Best Wishes

Sandi Eaton Richards