Northop Hub, snow and scones

Some of the hardy soles that braved the snow and rain to collect their veg at Northop Hub. It was well worth getting out to pick up the veg available to take, Beetroot, Parsnips, Sprouts, … Read more

Planning for the Northop Site

  The Northop site held a very successful planning meeting last night hosted by Patricia and Howard. There was a tremendous turnout resulting in the basis for the sites 2019 planting program. Food was provided … Read more

‘Patios’ for Northop

Here’s a pic of the new ‘patios’ at Northop! Seriously this is going to make opening and closing the polytunnel doors so much easier.¬†Nice kale and spinach growing, too.

Melons at northop

Here’s a taster of deliciousness to come! Our melons are being supported to stop them pulling off the vines – we have been known to use old bras! Perfect for the job…