Marrow Feast

In a last ditch attempt to convince us that marrows can be tasty and to stop us leaving them languishing unloved and unwanted, Pam cooked up a marrow feast for the Cilcain regulars. We had … Read more

Compost Bins and the Scouts

The scouts will soon realise their ideas for building some splendid compost bays at our Cilcain site. The first phase will be completed before they all go off on their summer holidays. They were given … Read more

Erecting the brassica cages

Brassica protection

A great three days on site completing many jobs which were becoming urgent. There were 16 members helping out at different times over the 3 days. The jobs included erecting 2 brassica cages, mowing and … Read more


Open Days are an opportunity for you to come along, grab a cuppa and a piece of cake while you find out what we’re all about! Have a look round the gardens and chat to … Read more

Happy healthy seedlings

Here at FlintShare we have all levels of knowledge and skills. These seedlings are beautifully grown by long standing member and grower Peter Rogers. They are at the perfect point for planting out and are … Read more

Drop Scones in the Garden

What a lovely afternoon we had on site today. Andy, myself and Janet enjoyed the sunshine whilst doing a number of jobs. We lit a fire and got rid of a lot of wood piling … Read more

Pruning, Digging, Playing!

We pruned all the fruit at Cilcain today. The young apple trees are a challenge to our decision making process but I think we got there! We remembered to prune the redcurrants and gooseberries to … Read more

Willow and Hub at Cilcain

Last Saturday was part 2 of the willow weaving workshop using our own willow. We learned how to construct the upright bit on the bases we made last time. Next will be the rim. There … Read more

Our New Website

Welcome to our new website and we are so glad you’ve found us! We’d love to welcome you to our world of wonderful fruit and veg, sociable gatherings and generally friendly folk. Have a gander … Read more