Hawarden Open Day

There will be an Open Day at Hawarden on Saturday 23rd October  2021   10.30 – 14.30. Come along, meet some of the members and see first hand what we are about.

Tesco Community Grant Scheme

Tesco Community Grant scheme 1st October to 31st December FlintShare has been accepted for the Tesco community grants scheme and we will be put forward for the customer vote at the following stores:- Tesco Supermarket … Read more

Heather’s Eccles cakes

(makes 8) 1 pack ready rolled puff pastry30g golden caster sugar50g butter200g currantsMilk to brushGranulated sugar to sprinkle Preheat the oven to 210 deg CCream the butter & sugarMix in the currantsCut the pastry into 8 squaresDivide the currant mixture equally between the squares For each square, bring the corners together, close any gaps, turn over and place on a baking  tray then flatten Brush with milk and sprinkle with sugarBake for 15 to 20 minutes till golden brown

Pam’s Chocolate Marmalade Cake

Makes 1 loaf cake. Suitable for freezing. Ingredients 125g butter, cubed 100g best quality 70% dark chocolate, broken into pieces 300g marmalade (I prefer a thicker cut, but any will do) 2 eggs, beaten 150g … Read more